Group menus
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Menu for groups  

Menu for organised groups of over 20 people and travel agency tours.


If you have other requirements we will gladly customise a menu for you.

Every 21st person free of charge.


Examples of lunch menu, served until 5pm: 


Poultry soup with meat, vegetables and noodles

Old Czechbeef goulash sprinkled with leek,homemade bread dumplings


Silesian roast pork, homemade bread dumplings, sauerkrautnebo

Chicken thigh a-la pheasant with coloured rice, garnish

 Domácí jablkový koláč s drobenkou



Grandma's potato soup with boletus mushrooms

Chicken breasts with dried tomatoes and mozarella,mashed potatoes, garnish


Fried chicken schnitzel or roast pork schnitzel, parsley potatoes, garnish

Dessert: Honey cake with cream 



Royal onion soup with ham and cheese
Game ragu on red wine and juniper, potato pancakes, vegetable garnish


Rabbit thigh on bacon potato dumplings, steamed spinach

Dessert: Sachr cake with cream 



Examples of dinner menu: 



Cream of asparagus with Italian pancetta and parmesan

Rump of deeron port and root vegetables, wild rice and potato croquettes, garnish


Old Czech platter Baked pork scrag and duck thigh, bread dumplings and potato wedges, red cabbage sprinkled with roast onion

Dessert: Apple pie with walnuts, vanilla ice cream and cream